Royal Purple #99

The Royal Purple of Canada was founded on September 11, 1914

and was incorporated under a special Dominion of Canada Charter

with the Elks of Canada.  The first lodge was set up in Vancouver,

B.C.  Working diligently to develop the organization across Canada,

Alice Morrow became the first Supreme Honoured Royal Lady 

(National President).

Since inception, the Royal Purple of Canada has grown to over 

200 Lodges and 7,000 Members.  Membership means you will

receive a warm welcome when visiting any Lodge, a network of

friends that you can tap into anywhere in Canada.  Extending this

network further is our partner Organization, The Elks of Canada.

The Members of Royal Purple of Canada focus primarily on the

promotion and support of community needs across Canada through

Local and National programs.  Some of these programs include:

The Elks and Royal Purple Drug Awareness Program

The Elks and Royal Purple Literacy and Poster Contest

Bullying Program for schools

I Star Institute for Stuttering

The Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children (funds are made 

 available to any needy child in Canada)

In order to support our many charities and activities, we must

raise funds.  Since this is done in a variety of ways, there is always

an opportunity for members to participate in an activity that suits

everyone.  It is a great way to develop the camaraderie that lasts

a lifetime.

Fun!  Throughout the year you will have many opportunities to relax

and have fun.  Some events involve our Brother Elks.

Meetings will change in November 2016 to the second Tuesday of each month except for the

recess in July and August.  The October 2016 meeting is a joint meeting with the Elks.

It will be held at 6:00 pm.

Contact:  Lexi Levair 403-715-0300

Please visit our link to Community and Donations