2019 Fall/Winter Newsletter

Oct. 15           Supper Meeting - Our annual steak supper with the Sisters of the Royal Purple Elks.  Cocktails at 6 p.m., supper at 7 p.m

                       meeting at 8 p.m.

Oct. 20          District Meeting - Being held in Pincher Creek.  Lunch at 12 p.m. meeting at 1:00 p.m.

Nov. 15 & 16 Pheasant Derby.  This is our 15th Annual derby.  Lots of help is needed for this so don't wait for the day of the shoot;

                      contact Morley (549-2243) or Tim (549-2467) early to get signed up to help.

Nov. 19          Regular Meeting at 8 p.m.

Nov. 27          Senior Members Night.  Cocktails @ 6p.m.  This is the night we acknowledge our senior members and treat them to a

                       roast beef supper ably catered to by the Royal Purple.  Our new initiates are treated too.

Dec. 1            Joint Memorial Service.  This is the time we pay our respects to our Brothers who have answered the last great roll

                       call.  Practice is at 1 p.m. and the service at 2 p.m.

Dec. 17          Supper Meeting.  This year we are again entertaining our 'significant others' for the evening with cocktails at 6 p.m.

                       supper at 7 p.m. and open meeting at 8 p.m.

Dec. 19          School Christmas Concert.  Bring your blazer to wear while we give out candy bags.

Dec. 31          New Years Eve!!  Watch the papers for what will be happening on New Years Eve if anything.  No plans made yet.

                                                            BE A WINNER

                                                                        Pay your 2020 dues before Dec. 31st and have a chance to win them back.

Jan. 21         Regular Meeting.  8:00 p.m.

Feb. 18         Supper Meeting.  Cocktails at 6 p.m. and meeting at 8 p.m.

Mar. 17         Regular Meeting. 8:00 p.m.

A number of members are receiving this Newsletter via email.  If you would like to receive yours that way and save us the postage please send an email to ianquist50@gmail.com and ask to have your name added to the contacts.  Thanks.