From Stavely's DEM (Director of Emergency Management)

Alberta Emergency Alert is excited to share the newest addition to their emergency preparedness video series Get Prepared: 60 Second Emergency Tips.

Spending money on emergency preparedness is a challenge when trying to balance other financial commitments and responsibilities.  But being prepared doesn't have to be costly.  You can take care of yourself, your loved ones, your home, and your community by taking small steps over time to fit preparedness into most budgets.

Check out our their newest video for some cost-cutting preparedness ideas here.


Stavely Golf Course Update:


UnPlugged Hole-in-One  July 25, 2020, Lunch and Dinner included.  $40.00 member, $45.00 non-member

Men's Senior Tournament August 5, 2020, tee off time 10:00 a.m.

4 Person Scramble August 22, 2020, Breakfast and Lunch $40.00 member and $45.00 non-member


The Museum of Stavely and District will be open this season, July and August, however, FOR TOURS ONLY.  Due to the COVID 19 situation, we, as a Board want to keep staff and visitors as safe as possible.  Groups of up to 15 will be allowed, gloves will be provided, but not masks.  We request that touching the artifacts be kept to a minimum (I know this is NOT our usual type of operation).  Tours must be booked in advance through Janice Binmore at  We also request that as per the Alberta Health Regulations, anyone who is feeling unwell, has a cold, etc., please re-schedule if they have booked a tour.  Thank you everyone for your understanding and we hope to see you once again this season.


Planning a development project?  New Build?  Garage?  Demolition?  Deck?  Shed?  or something completely different?  

Click below for information from the Town of Stavely.

Development Information


The Town of Stavely, information for residents in regards to Bylaw 761 re: dogs

The full bylaw can be found under Local Government, Bylaws, Bylaw #761

However, the information that is important since the weather is now getting better and everyone should be reminded is as follows:

Bylaw 3.17.1 (the owner shall) secure the dog so that it would not be able to leave the premises of the owner

Bylaw 3.17.2 (the owner shall) ensure that the dog is on a leash or adequately controlled at all times that it is off the owner's premises.

Bylaw 3.22 The owner of a dog must ensure that such dog will not become a public nuisance by:

Bylaw 3.22.1 molesting or in any way causing physical harm to pedestrians upon the streets, highways, parks or other public places in the Town

And it goes on...but those are the highlights.  Basically, if your dog is not in a secure environment (ie: fenced yard), it needs to be on a leash.