Playgrounds, campgrounds will be open the weekend of May 30, 2020.  However, it is advised that everyone remember to keep a two metre distance and to make sure you continue to wash hands, etc. after being at the park, playground and/or camping. 

Local restaurants, bars, cafes etc., are also open, but must operate at no more than 50% seating capacity. 

Phase Two of the Covid 19 Relaunch is June 19, 2020.  Further details to follow once they are available.

Non-urgent surgeries requiring a hospital stay will resume next week, patients will be contacted directly when it is time for their surgery.

In regards to businesses:  "The fluid nature of the relaunch timing and detail makes it challenging to stay current." 

There is a new website: that will help businesses through the Relaunch!!  The online tool provides sector-specific guidelines for those able to open in stage one of relaunch to ensure businesses can reopen safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.  There IS a lot of information on this website, but businesses will find it helpful for many options on how to safely relaunch.


Golf Course is OPEN and available to the public.  

For information on memberships please go to the "Around Town" tab at top of screen and following the links


Planning a development project?  New Build?  Garage?  Demolition?  Deck?  Shed?  or something completely different?  

Click below for information from the Town of Stavely.

Development Information


The Town of Stavely, information for residents in regards to Bylaw 761 re: dogs

The full bylaw can be found under Local Government, Bylaws, Bylaw #761

However, the information that is important since the weather is now getting better and everyone should be reminded is as follows:

Bylaw 3.17.1 (the owner shall) secure the dog so that it would not be able to leave the premises of the owner

Bylaw 3.17.2 (the owner shall) ensure that the dog is on a leash or adequately controlled at all times that it is off the owner's premises.

Bylaw 3.22 The owner of a dog must ensure that such dog will not become a public nuisance by:

Bylaw 3.22.1 molesting or in any way causing physical harm to pedestrians upon the streets, highways, parks or other public places in the Town

And it goes on...but those are the highlights.  Basically, if your dog is not in a secure environment (ie: fenced yard), it needs to be on a leash.


I know everyone is getting tired of hearing about the COVID 19 virus situation, however, the Town of Stavely and our DEM (Director of Emergency Management) would like to once again forward information in regards to this situation.  Please take a few minutes to read through the information.  It is important and does bear repeating.

First of all, I, have been checking daily on the following website it is updated daily, if not twice a day, it lists information about the virus, Prevent & Prepare, Symptoms & Risks, Information for Albertans, Government Service Changes and other important data.  It has information on Canada as a whole, and Alberta in particular.  How many have the virus, where the individuals are located, etc.

From our DEM:  The Town of Stavely is taking this very seriously.  We are working with our municipal partners to insure we are providing all essential services.  We have always prided ourselves as a town as being open and friendly, we are empathic with how the new social distancing, isolation and restrictions on mass gatherings will impact our community.  Unfortunately these are necessary at this time and will be for the foreseeable future.  As the Chief Medical Office of Health has said, "This is our new normal...All Albertans need to come together to help stop the spread of COVID-19."  Please refer to all posted AHS updates for current information.  If you are able, please phone a vulnerable friend/neighbour to insure they too have the current updates.  Thank you, Town of Stavely DEM.

There is also a website with a booklet for children, to help them understand the situation as well.  I would suggest that you read through it first to see if it is age appropriate for your child(ren).

I will continue to keep you updated, every few days, and remind everyone to: Stay home and away from others if you are sick or in isolation: Wash hands often, using soap and water for at least twenty seconds: Cover coughs and sneezes:  Avoid touching face with unwashed hands:   Avoid travel outside of Canada:  Self isolate for 14 days if returning from travel outside Canada or were exposed to COVID-19


The Town of Stavely reminds everyone that during this time if you have been unable to purchase toilet paper and are using other types of items for this purpose such as paper towel, etc., please DO NOT flush this down the toilet.  Doing this could cause a serious issue with the sewer system and should this become an issue, YOU, the homeowner would be financially responsible for the unclogging of the system.  Please dispose of the paper towel or any other type of cleaning material you may use, in your garbage for pick up on the usual Monday garbage pick up.




In response to the current COVID-19 Situation in Alberta, The Town of Stavely is taking steps to reduce the risk to staff and the general public.

The Administrative Office will be temporarily closed to the public beginning Monday March 23, 2020 and will remain so until further notice. 

The Town of Stavely ensures you that Office staff will still be available by calling the office at 403-549-3761 or emailing from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm daily Monday to Friday. 

Residents who need to pay Utilities, Taxes or A/R accounts can use the following methods:

- Payments can be mailed to Box 249, Stavely, Ab, T0L 1Z0 (Post Dated cheques can be mailed as well)

- Payments can be made through most financial institutions if you are unsure of your account numbers please contact the office they will be happy to assist you.

Residents of the Town of Stavely are asked to follow Alberta Health Services recommendations such as but not limited to:

- Frequent Hand Washing

- Self-Isolating if you have recently traveled outside of Canada

- Staying home if feeling any symptoms of sickness

- Social distancing

Currently no Local Emergency has been declared nor has the Emergency Plan/EOC been activated.  Alberta Health Services are the lead response agency for this situation and decision to initiate the Town's Emergency Plan and take subsequent action would be based on their advice and that of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA).

On behalf of Council, Staff and Town Administration we appreciate your understanding and commitment to maintaining a safe community and to the matter at hand.