The MD of Willow Creek has issued a Fire Restriction due to the dry, windy and warm conditions that exist and are forecasted.

This means all Fire Permits have been suspended, and no new permits will be issued.  Burn Barrels, incinerators and backyard fire pits that meet the bylaw requirements are still allowed, and the M.D. of Willow Creek is asking that you use extreme caution when burning. 

Please remember to revisit any previous burn sites to check for hotspots.  If you see smoke or feel heat, the fire is still burning.  Douse any remaining hotspots with water and stir up the ashes.  A fire is not out until there is absolutely no heat coming from the ashes.

Please remember to check with the MD of Willow Creek website and Alberta Fire Bans website for the most up-to-date information.  If you have any questions regarding the foregoing, please do not hesitate to contact the Emergency Services Department at 403-625-3351.


2022 SPRING Clean-up Program

 Spring is just around the corner and we want to help make it easier for you to purge of unnecessary household items and help make Stavely a clean, beautiful, clutter free town.

 Starting April 4 and every Tuesday in the month of April, Public works will pick up general and construction waste in addition to regular garbage, items for this pick up may be set out on Mondays. PLEASE NOTE—every effort will be made to have non household garbage items picked up on the Tuesday but items may not be picked up until later in the week.

NEW THIS YEAR: There will be a minimum charge for all larger items, this is the same charge that anyone would incur at the landfill should these items be taken there. Also new is any “larger” then normal piles will be subject to a charge that will be determined by Public Works or the CAO, these costs can vary. Acceptable Items: Furniture - couches, love seats, mattresses, box springs ($10/ea.) Furniture - chairs, tables, arm chairs ($5/ea.) Appliances - dryers, washers, stoves, water tanks ($5/ea.) - refrigerators, freezers, a/c units. ($30/ea. Freon charge)

Metals“Other” or construction waste (should be no more than 75 lbs and no longer than 6’ to accommodate the Town garbage truck)

Non-acceptable items: Organic waste, toxic waste and electronics Electronics are still accepted and can be placed in the shed by the recycling bins. Tree branches and compostable material should be taken to the area east of Town near the lagoon. For toxic waste be sure to utilize the annual toxic waste roundup - watch for dates in the local newspaper.

Please ensure all items set out for pick up are separated and are in neat piles next to your regular garbage. Thank you in advance to all those who choose to participate and help to clean up Stavely. NOTE: if you are not sure if an item is approved to be picked up or if you have other general questions please contact the Town Office at 403-549-3761 or the Town Shop at 403-549-3944.


Dog Licenses and Business Licenses are available and must be purchased by January 31.  Please see Town office during regular business hours.


The Town of Stavely, information for residents in regards to Bylaw 761 re: dogs

The full bylaw can be found under Local Government, Bylaws, Bylaw #761

However, the information that is important since the weather is now getting better and everyone should be reminded is as follows:

Bylaw 3.17.1 (the owner shall) secure the dog so that it would not be able to leave the premises of the owner

Bylaw 3.17.2 (the owner shall) ensure that the dog is on a leash or adequately controlled at all times that it is off the owner's premises.

Bylaw 3.22 The owner of a dog must ensure that such dog will not become a public nuisance by:

Bylaw 3.22.1 molesting or in any way causing physical harm to pedestrians upon the streets, highways, parks or other public places in the Town

And it goes on...but those are the highlights.  Basically, if your dog is not in a secure environment (ie: fenced yard), it needs to be on a leash.