Silver Leaf Rebekah Lodge #99

The Silver Leaf Rebekah Lodge was instituted on May 12, 1927.  We meet

the 2nd Thursday of each month, except July and August at the Stavely

Community Centre Lodge hall at 7:30 p.m.

We currently have 35 members and we are a friendly group of women

who have an enjoyable time at our meetings with coffee and 

socialization after the business is taken care of.  We are fortunate to be

able to work at casinos in Lethbridge which provides us with extra funds

to support our community with special emphasis on the youth where at

all possible.  We also support some of the projects of the Order of 


This past year we provided Identity Kits to all students from Kindergarten

to Grade 6 and also the children who attend the Play School in Stavely.  We

also have contributed to Kidsports in Claresholm who help children participate

in group sports in Stavely and Claresholm.

Lodge Projects are: 

Visual Research – contributes to visual research being done within

 our province

United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth – the province is divided in 

 zones and one student who is 16yrs of age and in grades 10 or 11

 is welcome to compete in this speech competition which is held

 in February.  The student who wins in each zone gets a trip to 

 New York City to see the U.N. in action and learn more about it and also 

 do sightseeing and meet youth of the age from all over Canada, the U.S.

 and other countries of the world

Crippled and Afflicted Children’s Fund provides support and aides for

 children with major health issues

We also collect aluminum can tabs and clean aluminum foil, etc.,

 which is sold and the money used for wheelchairs for those in need

We help the other Lodges in Stavely prepare food for the Claresholm & 

District Health Foundation which provides extra equipment needed at the

local hospitals.

We cater lunches for funerals and memorial services of members and

their families and other who may need the help.

If you might be interested in learning more about our order or join our

group we would like to hear from you.

Address:   General Delivery

Stavely, Alberta

T0L 1Z0

Sister Marg Sinclair 403-549-3967

Sister Gwenn Broomfield 403-625-6609

Sister Kim Gugala 403-549-2198