The Stavely Scuttlebutt


Here we go for craft and educational websites for kids!!!  I have used this website for over ten years and still haven't done all the stuff available.  Most of the crafts do not require that you have to go shopping for supplies.  The website is DLTK Kids, please click here and try some ideas out!!  It is an amazing site.

The Stavely & District Museum is under renovation.  Any and all help would be appreciated.  Many pieces must be photographed, logged, put out or stored.  There is much to be done before our Grand Re-opening in 2017.  It is a very interesting journey.  Additional information regarding local residents and families would be extremely helpful as well.  We have lots of pictures and items that could use some more information on.  So...if you feel like you have extra time and would like to help, please contact:  Janice at