The Town of Stavely now has a form for resident complaints.  Please download the form, complete the form legibly, sign and take the completed form to the Town Office for further investigation.

Town of Stavely Bylaw Enforcement Policy & Procedures

1.  The Town of Stavely does not have the resources to formally review properties on a regular basis in order to determine whether or not its regulatory bylaws are being complied with at all times.  Therefore, except for called inspections arising from permit applications, it is the general practice of the Town of Stavely to rely on resident or visitor complaints as a means of alerting bylaw enforcement to violations of its bylaws.  The Town of Stavely has established policies and procedures in order to encourage a balance of accountability and confidentiality among the various parties to this process.  This does not preclude staff of the Town of Stavely initiating investigations on their own initiative.

2.  Bylaw enforcement investigation will be commenced on submission of written complaints.  If the preliminary investigation determines there is a basis for enforcement action the normal bylaw enforcement procedure will be followed.  If the investigation finds there is no basis for enforcement, the complainant will be informed.  Please keep in mind that certain bylaw enforcement investigations can take several months before reaching conclusion.  It is not the practice of the Town of Stavely to necessarily seek a final legal remedy for all alleged infractions.

3.  If a residence or individual is allegedly in violation of a Town of Stavely bylaw(s) and several neighbours deem the violation a nuisance which should be reported, each is required to fill out individual and separate complaint forms.  This assists in substantiating the alleged offences. 

4.  As a matter of practice, the identity of the complainant and the written complainant itself shall not be disclosed to the alleged violator or any member of the public except as outline in Section 5 below.  In addition, the response of the alleged violator shall not be made public or disclosed to the complainant except as outlined in Section 5 below.

                                                                                     Confidentiality Issues

5.  The anonymity and confidentiality given to complainants and alleged violators cannot be assured if the investigation results in court proceedings.

6.  If persons request the Town of Stavely disclosure of personal information about them in complaints (and responses to the complaints) under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, is shall be the policy of the Town of Stavely to refuse disclosure under Section 22 of the Act (Law Enforcement: Public Bodies may withhold information that would harm a law enforcement matter) unless consent is obtained from the person who supplied the information and who would otherwise be assured of confidentiality under this policy.  The Town of Stavely however, is subject to orders issued by the Information and Privacy Commissioner under the Act and will not necessarily appeal an order for disclosure. 


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The Town of Stavely, being a Municipality in the Province of Alberta, passes bylaws under the authority of the Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000, Chapter M-26.

Section 3 of the Act states that:

The purpose of a municipality are:

a) to provide good government

b) to provide services, facilities, or other things that, in the opinion of council are necessary or desirable for all or part of the municipality; and

c) to develop and maintain safe and viable communities.

The Town of Stavely strives to ensure that our community is safe and viable, and has passed various bylaws in this effort.  Below you will find a listing of commonly referenced bylaws.  Should you not find the bylaw you are looking for, please contact the Town Office at 403-549-3761 or by email at

For further information about municipalities in Alberta, check out the Municipal Affairs website.

By-Law #734

Traffic By-Law

(12.01)  All persons within the Town of Stavely shall remove and clear away, within twenty four (24) hours, all snow, ice, dirt, debris and other obstructions from the sidewalk adjoining the premises owned or occupied by them and from the gutter.

(12.02)  Non-residents and all other persons shall have removed and cleared away all snow, ice, dirt and debris and other obstructions from the sidewalk adjoining the premises owned or occupied by them and from the gutter.

The Town would ask that you please shovel or blow snow onto your own property and not on the streets. 

By-Law #736

 Community Standards By-Law

By-Law #761

Revised Dog By-Law

By-Law #766

Trailer Parking (Amendment to By-Law No. 734)

By-Law #734

Trailer Parking

By-Law #765

Fines (Amendment to By-Law No. 736

By-Law #779

Water & Sewer Bylaw (includes rates)

By-Law #731

Fire Protection

By-Law #639

Garbage Collection & Disposal

By-Law #503

Tax Penalty

By-Law #518

Amendment to By-Law #503

By-Law #741

Business Control & Licensing

Bylaw No. 800 - Water Rates (Amendment).pdf
Bylaw No. 801 - Waste Collection Rates.pdf
Public Participation Policy - No. 01-08.pdf
Taxation Rates, 2019
Council Code of Conduct Bylaw No. 820
Town of Stavely Financial Statements 2019