Town By-Laws

              The Town of Stavely, being a municipality in the Province of Alberta, passes bylaws

              under the authority of the Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000, Chapter M-26.

              Section 3 of the Act states that:

              The purpose of a municipality are:

              a) to provide good government;

              b) to provide services, facilities, or other things that, in the opinion of council, are

                  necessary or desirable for all or part of the municipality; and

              c) to develop and maintain safe and viable communities.

              The Town of Stavely strives to ensure that our community is safe and viable, and has

              passed various bylaws in this effort. Below you will find a listing of commonly referenced

              bylaws. Should you not find the bylaw you are looking for, please contact the Town Office

              at (403)-549-3761 or by email at

              For further information about municipalities in Alberta, check out the Municipal Affairs


By-Law #734

Traffic By-Law

(12.01) All person within the Town of Stavely shall remove and clear away, within

twenty four (24) hours, all snow, ice, dirt or debris and other obstructions from the

sidewalk adjoining the premises owned or occupied by them and from the gutter.

(12.02)  Non-residents and all other persons shall have removed and cleared away all

snow, ice, dirt and debris and other obstructions from the sidewalk adjoining the 

premises owned or occupied by them and from the gutter.

The Town would ask that you please shovel or blow snow onto your own property

and not on the streets.


Community Standards By-Law  


Revised Dog By-Law  

           By-Law 766

Trailer Parking (Amendment to By-Law No. 734)

         By-Law 734

             Trailer Parking

              By-Law 765

Fines (Amendment to By-Law No. 736)

By-Law 779

Water & Sewer Bylaw (includes rates)

By-Law 777

2014 Tax Rates

By-Law 731
Fire Protection

By-Law 639
Garbage Collection & Disposal

By-Law 780
Garbage Rates

By-Law 503
Tax Penalty

By-Law 518
Amendment to By-Law 503

By-Law 741
Business Control & Licensing

By-Law 788
 Garbage Rates Amendments

By-Law 789
Water Rates Amendments

By-Law 797
2017 Property Tax